Going Gluten Free

Two years ago, I thought my relationship with food was ruined. When I look back, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I grew up eating bread at every single meal. My absolute favorite was slamming down a foot-long chicken bacon ranch subway sandwich. Evaluating the foods... read more

How to Win with Football Watching Snacks

Football is in full swing. It’s weird to think that I get just as pumped up for the food as I do for the actual game on Sunday! For many people, it’s hard to realize that food choices, although the same quantity (grams) can be waaaay different as far as density of... read more

What “Diet” Is Right For You?

There’s a bunch of different diets out there. Restrictive, point counting, calorie counting, high protein, low protein, low carb, high fat, just to name a few. I’ve seen all of these diets work for days, weeks, maybe months. This led me to know the truth behind diets…... read more