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Super Bowl Sunday is Upon Us!

I don’t blame you if you are boycotting the big game this year. If you’re as big of a Vikings fan as I am, the game a couple weeks ago was a heart breaker.

I was planning on skipping it until last night I received an invite to a party that I know will have great food. This doesn’t mean I will actually watch the game, as I will be a little sour at football until the fall.

Either way, no one can deny that they usually fall off the deep end on Super Bowl Sunday. For some reason, in our culture unhealthy food is a staple for a big event. Mix it with some alcohol and you have a care free binge.

In efforts to limit your Sunday free-for-all, utilize the following guidelines to not impact your weight loss/health goals…

  1. If you are going to booze, set your limit ahead of time and pick a drink that has the fewest number of calories. A low-calorie beer, no pop or juice as a mixer, a hard alcohol “neat” or “on the rocks”.
  2. Skip the fried foods. I was guilty of this last year as I love me some b-dubs wings. Fries, Onion rings, and chicken wings are not all that healthy of foods, but they can be baked instead of fried. Try baking these items on a raised rack to allow air flow on the bottom side. This will help get the food crispy on all sides.
  3. Forget about the dips (or limit them). Dips are usually calorically dense. Delicious, but so easy to eat an extra 500 calories just from dip. If its not an option for you to skip, google your favorite kind of dip and add “healthy version” to the search.
  4. Do not eat during the second half of the game. Use the start of the halftime show as your “last call” to grab your last, small plate. You won’t want to miss out on JT’s show.
  5. Use the second half to get hydrated. Remember staying hydrated and going to the bathroom often will help wash things (alcohol, unhealthy additives in your food) out of your body.

A maintaining weight, Super Bowl weekend is a success in my book. For an extra boost to make this happen, try a high intensity interval workout on Saturday, or our boot camp class at 8am with Trevor. Our classes can burn excess calories for up to 48 hours after completion.

My prediction: The Patriots- 35 beating the Eagles- 28.

Let me know yours! The person that replies with the closest final score prediction will win a $50 Rejuv gift card



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