Who doesn’t get excited about the holiday season? Granit, this is coming from a guy who put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, is that against the rules? New Year’s Day concludes the holidays, and we are all supposed to start our own resolutions.

Do you have a health resolution this year? Why are you waiting?

Let’s be honest, no one wants to start a new diet during the holidays where great cooking and tasty baked goods are in abundance. We would rather push it off saying “I’ll start eating healthy and working out in January.”

Come January 1st, it’s going to be tempting to push it off another week, or two, or even until next January!

Procrastination is a dirty habit that is extremely hard to overcome. You may have gotten away with procrastinating on a paper during school, but it doesn’t work when trying to make a healthy lifestyle change. Living a healthy lifestyle is ongoing, it’s about training your body to obtain reachable health goals.

The reality is you are always going to have birthday parties, potlucks at work, and holidays. The trick to being healthy is eating healthy and exercising most of the time.  At times, it’s ok to indulge in a piece of cake or chocolate. It’s all about obtaining reachable goals, not setting yourself up for failure.

Now, if you are deciding to wait for the first of January, you are procrastinating on your obtainable healthy lifestyle. Starting today is not stating you can’t have a Christmas cookie or two, but it’s about consuming in moderation. Making an extreme change to your body will cause you to fall off the wagon and January will be just like any other year, a month full of healthy habits followed by disaster.

Today is the day to start making the change that will better your life. “There is no better time than now to take action on your goals.” Let’s start your resolution today!

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Happy Holidays




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