Haven’t reached your weight loss goals?

Be honest with yourself, have you given it your 100% effort? Most people quit at 40% and convince themselves that they tried hard enough.

The truth is, nothing in life is easy, especially a behavior change.

A behavior change is going to take dedication. This includes being dedicated on the weekends.

It seems like people think they can just focus during the week, and do whatever on the weekend. Eat anything and lay on the couch all day. It’s going to be very tough (nearly impossible) to reach your goal if you take this approach.

My challenge to you is… become a weekend warrior. Attack the weekend with a vengeance.

-Set your alarm early instead of sleeping in

-Get to the gym, or get a body weight workout in at home instead of watching Netflix all day

-Be strict with your food and drink choices, set rules that you follow instead of eating unhealthy, processed, refined foods

-Complete household projects around home instead of putting them off until next weekend

-Plan and prepare your healthy meals for the week instead of going into the week not knowing what you are going to consume

Don’t get me wrong, this will take time and effort. If you are not willing to make these five steps a priority, you are not going to get the result you are hoping for.

Start this weekend!

-Fitness Staff

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