There are three pieces of living a healthy life, and feeling your best. All three are not equally important. However, if we focus on just one or two of the three, our health will not be optimal. Think of a chain reaction, one area will not work without the other.

These three areas may not shock you, but I cannot stress the importance of them.


This is the most important area. The saying, you are what you eat, is true.

Nutrition is also the most difficult. We are surrounded by food that is bad for your body. We have been tricked into thinking it’s ok to eat a bunch of sugar from a bowl first thing when we wake up. We have been fooled by labels that declare low fat is healthy.

Before you blame the government or marketers for making you overweight, just know that you can change what foods go in your body.

It’s not always easy to break the addiction to processed, sugary foods but that’s where you may need intervention.


Sounds easy enough, right?

That’s right! The second most important area of your health is probably the most enjoyable.

We all know about eight hours is recommended, but the kicker is eight quality hours of sleep.

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night making trips to the bathroom, thinking about work, getting out of bed in the morning and still feel exhausted, you are not obtaining the quality sleep you need.

There are many easy tips you can make to optimize your sleep.


Surprisingly enough, exercise is the least important of the three. Being a fitness guy, I hate to admit this, but it’s the truth.

Everyone seems to get caught up in what program, class, or certain exercise will allow you to lose the most weight the fastest.

Exercise has so many benefits, and helps optimize your body in so many ways. That’s why exercise is an area that you need for optimal health.

Over the next week or two, we will dive a little deeper in each area, so you can be at your optimal health and feel better than you ever have.



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