Having a hard time thinking this morning? Feel fatigued, and irritable?

Of course, last night was the scariest day of the year… Halloween, the holiday that consists of creepy masks and candy full of SUGAR!!

It is very possible that you have a sugar hangover today if you indulged too much with the sweets.

I get it, if you love candy it is a great day. Now I’m not judging you, as I have had my fair share of chocolate, but I want you to think and be mindful of how your body feels this morning.

I have heard it many times that a person knows they shouldn’t have eaten this or that, but fell into temptation and feels like crap after.

Please remember that “crap” feeling. Take a mental note so next time you are tempted to eat a bunch of sugar, fried food, or something bad, you immediately think of how you terrible you felt before eating that thing again.

Then why do people continue to consume these kinds of food even if they feel bad after?

Because food is addicting, and many people don’t realize they are hooked.

Have you ever seen the studies on what a brain scan of someone that just consumed a bunch of sugar looks like compared to a person that just did hard drugs? I’ll save you some research time and tell you, they look almost identical!

Your body releases feel good hormones when you eat a lot of these crappy foods like a Halloween bender, and you basically get a high. The cycle is very similar to a drug user.

Good news though, you can get a release of feel good hormones through resistance training and cardiovascular exercise that has a positive effect on your health!

Everyone wants to feel good, why wouldn’t you want to feel good in a way that is beneficial to your health instead of detrimental?

-Fitness Staff, fitness@rejuvmedical.com

P.S. If you have left over candy, get it out of your house so it isn’t staring at you when you open the pantry door. 😊


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