Football is in full swing. It’s weird to think that I get just as pumped up for the food as I do for the actual game on Sunday!

For many people, it’s hard to realize that food choices, although the same quantity (grams) can be waaaay different as far as density of calories. Think two plates, one full of oven roasted veggies vs. one full of chips and dip.

Both sound awesome, right?

Of course, the plate of veggies will have significantly less calories than the chips and dip.

A game lasts a couple hours. If food is in front of you, most likely you’re going to keep eating, no matter how calorically dense those appetizers are.

Having foods available that you can graze on without sucking down 3,000 calories in one sitting is the important part.

Preparation is key. Letting guests bring whatever they want will be a great way to end up with store bought, processed garbage that’s loading with calories. It takes a very strong person to pass up these foods when they are yelling “eat me!”

Control the situation, and enjoy your football watching day by trying a few of the recipes below.

Cauliflower pizza bites  

Baked parmesan zucchini sticks

Skinny buffalo chicken strips

Grilled vegetable and hummus pita pizzas

Honey lime melon balls 

8 infused water recipes 





$2 / DAY


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