There’s a bunch of different diets out there.

Restrictive, point counting, calorie counting, high protein, low protein, low carb, high fat, just to name a few.

I’ve seen all of these diets work for days, weeks, maybe months. This led me to know the truth behind diets…


If you abide to them. They just may not all work for you.

Why is this?

If the diet doesn’t fit your lifestyle, and you cannot abide to the diet, you won’t see results. Frustration starts to set in and then those donuts looks way too tasty.

Sound familiar?

For a lot of people once you allow yourself to fall off track a little… its game over. The claim then becomes “that diet sucks.” Then on to the next diet.

This creates the contagious problem of “diet hopping.” Once you start this, it’s hard to stop. Your mind unconsciously believes that the next diet to come around will be the one that’s right for you, so there is no harm in stopping the one you are already on. People are often on this cycle for years, sometimes most of their life.

To overcome this, you need to be persistent, have a strong mindset, and have accountability.

-Research the diet you plan on starting ahead of time so you know what it all entails before diving in.

-Make a commitment to stick to the plan for at least 30 days, 60 is better, 90 is best.

-Find someone or something to hold you accountable. A trainer, coach, friend, or using social media are all great options.

After that span of time, and you stuck to the diet 100%, I guarantee you will see results. If it fits with your lifestyle, keep going, if it doesn’t then it is ok to try something else knowing that you did succeed. This will set you up for success on your next diet adventure!




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