Ever heard of a pesky little guy called the “stress hormone?”

His formal name is Mr. Cortisol. Most of the time he gets a bad rap. Being blamed for belly fat, craving unhealthy sugary foods, not sleeping well, and being tired. While these are true, your body does need cortisol.

Cortisol plays an important part in blood pressure, cardiovascular function, reducing inflammation, as well as regulation of macro nutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats).

Just like all the other hormones in your body, you need to have the right amount to be your best. For cortisol, it’s a tricky cycle of having the optimal amount throughout the day.

You want it to be high in the morning so you are awake and alert, then gradually downslope all day so its low at bedtime to sleep well.

Doesn’t sound like your normal day? Most likely your levels are screwed up!

If you are carrying around more body weight than you should be, your cortisol levels will be elevated and you won’t sleep well. Didn’t sleep well? Your body can’t reset and cortisol levels will be low in the morning, then you’re walking around like a zombie most of the day. It’s downward spiral.

After you consume a meal, cortisol levels elevate slightly, if you have extra body weight your levels will elevate significantly. 30-40% more than you would at a healthy weight, not good.

Seems like we are facing an uphill battle here.

Good news, you can get your cortisol levels under control. Here is how…

  • Lose weight. Eat real foods that your body can actually use instead of garbage foods that your body cannot use. Don’t know how many calories you should be eating? Schedule your metabolic test here.
  • Lift weights, do a yoga or boot camp class, go for a jog. Do whatever form of exercise you enjoy, but be open to trying something new. 2-7 times per week is best, depending on where you are starting at.
  • Reduce mental stress. Everyone has mental stress, find a way to escape it and deal with it in a healthy way.
  • Schedule your appointment with one of our Nurse Practitioners. They are specialists at correcting levels with bio-identical hormones.

You will notice the positive snowball effect of how you feel and your progress of optimizing cortisol once you get things started.

My best advice… Don’t wait until Monday or the new year, start now.



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